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Trauma Therapy

It always feels like things are on the brink of falling apart. You are constantly worrying that you haven’t done enough, or that you aren’t good enough. It stresses your relationships and your sense of well-being to the breaking point.

Let me help you create the sense of safety that you’ve been missing.

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Anxiety therapy

It’s exhausting always waiting for the other shoe to drop. You can’t shake this sense of dread, and all you want is to be able to be present in your life and relationships.

Let me support you in creating some peace of mind.



The teen years are hard. The safe relationship you worked so hard to create with your child seems to be unraveling. The decisions they make now can have lifelong consequences, and all you really want is for them to be safe.

Let me be someone your teen can turn to, that you can trust.

I did a Reddit AMA about perfectionism and how to overcome it, you can read it here.